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Investor Site Key Features

  • Works on Office 365:

    Upload all files to your OneDrive for Business and let the investor site directly publish them. All users are third-party authenticated (app/sms), and you can manage them in the Office 365 Admin panel.

  • Up-to-Date Financial Information:

    Present accurate and current financial data, including annual reports, income statements, balance sheets, and financial forecasts, to demonstrate your company's financial stability and growth potential.

  • Shareholder Engagement:

    Create a dedicated section for shareholders, allowing them to access ownership details, participate in decision-making processes, and stay informed about stock value and dividend policies.

  • News and Announcements:

    Keep stakeholders informed about your company's achievements, new contracts, and significant events through a dynamic news section, reinforcing your company's positive momentum.

  • Comprehensive Investor Materials:

    Offer a repository of essential investment materials, such as presentations, analyses, reports, and relevant documents, empowering potential investors and board members with the information needed for informed decision-making.


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Our Investor site offers secure third-party authentication (app/SMS) and control by your Office365 account.


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